Learn to Play Guitar Online for Free

Quite a lot of newcomers want to learn how to play the guitar for free, but can not afford private lessons or they just do not have enough time.

If you really want to play the guitar, nothing will stop you. On the Internet there are so many lessons laid out on YouTube, special acoustic and electric virtual guitars are created, on which you can play for free.

In this article we want to help newcomers how to start playing guitar, to tell a little about guitar history, to offer several resources with free guitar lessons, to talk about the best guitarists, and to give an overview of the best brands that sell guitars.

NewsBest Virtual Guitar

Learn to play virtual guitar online for free. Among the various variants of virtual guitars are available: electric guitars, bass guitars, classical guitars or acoustic guitars.

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NewsHistory of Guitar

The guitar is an ancient and noble stringed musical instrument, the history of which can be traced back 4000 years.

Learn More: Guitar History

NewsHow to Tune a Guitar? (Tuning Tips from Guitar)

Learn how to properly tune a guitar: standard guitar tuning, how to tune a guitar with an electric tuner, how to tune a guitar in your ear using an online guitar tuner.

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NewsBest way to hold a guitar

We'll talk about two basic ways to hold your guitar: How to Hold a Guitar While Sitting Down, How to Hold a Guitar While Standing Up.

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NewsGuitar components (The Parts of a Guitar)

For a beginner who learns to play the guitar, some parts of the guitar can be a mystery. Here is an overview of guitar components.

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NewsGuitar Cleaning & Care

Guitar Cleaning – What You Should Know. Tips for taking care of the guitar, follow these helpful tips to keep your guitar in great game form (guitar maintenance).

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NewsThe Best Guitarists

The 100 best guitarists of all time, the greatest guitarists in the world. List of the best guitarists.

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NewsBest Guitar Brands

The top 8 brands of guitars today are Epiphone, Ibanez, Martin, Taylor, Gibson, Yamaha, Fender, Jackson. Look at our selection of the best guitar brands.

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