Free drum lessons

If you are looking for free online drumming lessons, you have come to the right place. Below you will find two sites with free lessons on drums for beginners that will help you get started on drums, warm up on the drum kit or training site, learn the basic drum rhythms and drum exercises.

Free Drum Lessons (
As someone who has no formal drum training, this website is a veritable gold mine of free drumming resources. Their online drum lessons index lists close to 200 different lesson plans and some of those lessons are broken down into sub-lessons ... which means that you will not be running out of drum training any time soon.

Free Drum Lessons covers a multitude of topics, but those topics are not only for newbies! Sure, there are dozens of lessons that detail how to hold the sticks, how to set up your sticks, how to set up your drum kit, warm up exercises, and tuning instructions. However, you'll also be able to find a drum music theory.

The best part is that none of it seems very overwhelming at all. The organization of the site to study the drums online is phenomenal. It presents chunks of information to you in digestible bits, allowing you to concentrate on one topic at a time. If I had to choose an all-in-one drumming lessons resource, this would be it.

Drum Lessons net (
Official site DrumLessons.Net with free lessons of drums for beginners and other drummers of all skill levels. These drum lessons will show you how to play the drums with more confidence!

DrumLessons.Net is a database of free drum tutorials that combine text lessons with Youtube clips for reinforcement. Lessons are divided into fundamental, primary, intermediate and extended sections. The number of lessons does not even approach the mass of lessons in the lessons of a free drum, but it's still something. This is an excellent auxiliary resource, if nothing else.

The quality of lessons is not as dramatic as the quality of free online drumming lessons for beginners, but DrumLessons.Net offers a different approach to certain aspects of the drum game. For example, if you have problems with understanding a particular concept, you could come here and see if they learn this idea from a different angle. Therefore, this site can be useful.

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