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There are a number of different manufacturers of musical instruments on the market today that could be considered trustworthy and proven brands, and all of them have a wide array of musical products to choose from. Whether it is concerning brands like Yamaha, Casio, Roland, Korg, Kawai, Nord, Williams, there are always certain distinctions which separate one brand from the other.

In this article, I’m going to discuss some of the different brand manufacturers of digital pianos.

Truthfully, everyone is going to have their own opinion on who really produces the best pianos, but at the end of the day there is a bit of general consensus. I think one of the obvious aspects that feeds into this is past performance and present day success.

A company usually has success with certain models for a reason: they are well crafted and tailor made to suit a player’s very specific needs. No one is forcing people to buy products at gunpoint, so no matter how much marketing there is, the integrity of the product has to be convincing to get a large number of people to buy something.

Companies that create digital pianos keyboards and other musical instruments understand that not everyone who buys digital pianos is in the same socio-economic field and they find a way to appeal to all levels, rather than exclude some people by listening to others.

The range of people playing the piano is huge, and their skill level and needs are huge. And, ultimately, you will probably need many different models from several different lines that satisfy the needs of the client and really need it.

Purchasing from one of the top piano brands is a great way to ensure that the piano you are getting is a quality instrument that will feel, play, and function at a high level of performance. If you are searching for a new digital piano, consider purchasing from one of these best digital piano brands.

Best digital piano brands: Yamaha, Casio, Roland, Korg, Kawai, Nord, Williams

There are many companies that have achieved too much success in the production of hybrid and digital pianos. But only the best have got to the list of seven best manufacturers. They have achieved too much success, expanded their capabilities and received a wide choice. Of course, there will always be those who are furious against their products, but in the end they have experienced the test of time.

Yamaha Digital Piano

Yamaha definitely deserves to be on this list—make no bones about it. A company founded in 1887 with over a hundred years of experience. It’s a hard metric to gauge, but Yamaha is probably the most popular digital piano brand in the industry right now.

The company has made a name for themselves by selling a wide range of incredibly high-quality digital pianos, all of which are equipped with features and innovations that most digital piano companies can only dream of producing. Along with digital pianos, Yamaha also designs some of the best acoustic pianos available. Because of this, designers at Yamaha are very familiar with what makes an acoustic piano feel and sound great, and they strive to make the digital pianos they produce the function at the same level.

Collecting samples from this instrument using cutting-edge audio technology has allowed Yamaha to produce some of the most realistic-sounding digital pianos you will find. Some of the innovations that Yamaha continues to put into their digital pianos include an excellent graded hammer action keyboard, wave sampling technology, and more settings and features than any of the other digital piano brands.

The best digital pianos Yamaha come equipped with scores of various programs, settings, and modes, many of which (such as the Yamaha Propriety Education suite) are designed to help beginners learn how to play.

Roland Digital Piano

Roland is also another successful company that cannot be left out of the discussion. The history of Roland begins with the beginning of the 1970s, which gave them the advantage of bringing this knowledge to many of their digital pianos.

The Roland digital pianos are not the cheapest option, but they are of the highest quality in terms of sound, key actions and appearance that you will find. Roland has an extreme level of dedication to developing digital pianos that play and sound just like their acoustic counterparts.

Not only are their pianos equipped with great keyboards and variety of powerful technology, they are built extremely well. The best digital pianos Roland have a reputation for good, and the quality of their design is much higher than what you usually see on a digital piano. This quality of construction also extends to how the piano looks.

Many digital pianos, even if they are high-quality, may look like nothing more than a plastic toy. Roland digital pianos, however, are beautiful in their design and are just as much a decorative piece as they are a highly functional instrument.

Roland’s digital pianos are equipped with a variety of innovations including the SuperNATURAL Piano sound engine and the company’s flagship PHA III Ivory Feel keyboard—both of which make Roland pianos sound and feel just like a quality acoustic piano.

Thanks to innovations such as these and the quality of their construction, Roland is arguably the best piano brand in the industry today.

Casio Digital Piano

he brand of the digital piano Casio also deserved a prestigious right to hold onto the digital piano market. They were started in 1957, but in fact they began to gain popularity with their instruments in the 1980s.

In a way, this is the first poor reputation that led to the fact that Casio has become a company capable of creating such excellent pianos. To make a name for themselves, Casio hired teams of the best engineers and music professionals they could find to design their best digital pianos Casio.

It wasn’t long before Casio pianos took off, and ever since then the company has continued to strive towards creative and useful innovations to put into their digital pianos. This has allowed them to remain one of the top piano brands.

Today Casio has made a name for themselves by producing some of the finest digital pianos that money can buy. Casio has lead the charge on some of the industry’s most revolutionary innovations, equipping their digital pianos with loads of cutting-edge technology that make them sound and feel better than any of the company’s competition.

Today, Casio’s most popular line of digital pianos is the Privia series. The Privia series contains everything from affordable beginner digital pianos to pianos built for stage performances, all of which are equipped with the same excellent features that make them some of the most popular digital pianos on the market.

Kawai Digital Piano

Kawai is a brand that produces a large variety of digital pianos, varying in size, style, intended use and price.

Concerning the cost, Kawai is known for producing high-quality digital pianos that are much more affordable than pianos produced by many other digital piano brands. This alone has made them one of the most popular digital piano brands, especially among beginners looking for a good, affordable piano.

But Kawai isn’t a brand built on making digital pianos that are just cheap. The company has an excellent focus on quality and attention to detail, and, as mentioned, they strive to offer a wide variety of digital pianos to accommodate any style and skill level of musician.

Along with their digital pianos, Kawai also produces renowned upright acoustic pianos. In designing their digital pianos, Kawai has used these acoustic pianos as a blueprint to how their digital pianos should feel and play.

Both the key action and sound of Kawai digital pianos closely mimic what you would experience if you were playing an acoustic piano, setting the company apart from most brands in terms of the realism they are able to produce.

Kawai has a wide range of excellent and best digital pianos that Kawai sells.

Korg Digital Piano

Korg is a company founded and run by musicians, giving them an immediate edge over many other good piano brands. Designing a digital piano may be the job of an engineer, but having skilled pianists oversee the process is invaluable.

Taking advantage of this experience, the company continued to create a large line of the best digital pianos Korg. The brand strives to offer a wide selection of different pianos to choose from, including available pianos for beginners, a piano made for stage performers, and portable pianos for traveling musicians, as well as a piano for many other functions.

Korg digital pianos have gained a reputation for being incredibly rugged and durable, earning them a high degree of popularity among musicians who travel a lot and want a keyboard that can stand up to the rigors of being frequently bumped and jostled.

Nord Digital Piano

Nord is a brand dedicated to creating excellent keyboard and synthesizers for stage performances and music production. It has a huge number of elements needed to manage various functions, settings and modes.

This is a powerful digital piano tool that may not be suitable for beginner musicians. Nord keyboards come equipped with more functionality than most any five keyboards would combined, making them one of the top choices today among professional musicians. In spite of all the bells and whistles, the company has not forgotten what makes a digital piano great.

Nord keyboards come with a realistic key action and great piano sound that can rival any of the competition. This factor is what really sets Nord keyboards apart from any other company dedicated to making stage performance and music production keyboards.

Nord builds all of its best keyboards manually from its headquarters in Sweden, giving the instrument a high quality design and a solid durability - an excellent bonus for a tool that may have to travel a lot.

Williams Digital Piano

Williams does not release a very large number of digital pianos. Despite this, their six digital pianos, which they sell, are some of the best digital pianos Williams on the market today.

Like many top digital piano brands that enjoy success, Williams has made it their primary goal to design digital pianos that are as close as possible in the way they feel and sound to a high-end acoustic piano.

Each of the six pianos that Williams still produces has reached this goal, equipped with realistic key actions and excellent piano sound. One of the things that makes the Williams brand popular is how much their digital pianos are available.

There’s really no reason that these pianos should be priced as low as they are, making them some of the best deals you can find. If you want to get a great digital piano on a budget, consider checking out Williams.

Williams may only produce a handful of pianos, but all of them are excellent instruments and a great fit for most any pian.

Choosing the right digital piano brand

Choosing the right brand is half the battle in purchasing any product, especially one such as digital pianos where quality is critically important. While there are certainly good digital pianos made by brands not on this list, choosing to buy from one of these top piano brands is a great way to ensure that the digital piano you are purchasing is a high quality instrument that will serve you for many years to come.

Whether you are a beginner looking for an affordable digital piano, a performer looking for a powerful stage keyboard, or someone wanting to buy a beautiful piano to put in the middle of your living room, these seven digital piano brands are almost guaranteed to have a piano that is the perfect fit for you.

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