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Among numerous brands for many years, Kawai is one of the leaders of acoustic pianos. As soon as the appearance of the digital piano appeared, Kawai took his knowledge and knowledge of the piano and used it to create incredible digital instruments, unlike any others on the market.

One of the most promising and well-known names is Kawai. He is well known for many reasons and has an incredible history in the music industry.

Kawai is really one of the most innovative piano brands that has been producing products since 1927. Many years of experience, skills and high quality combine to deliver the best digital pianos. Kawai has always tried to test different technologies and materials to improve the level of productivity, tone and longevity of tools.

Kawai manufactured the industry’s very first digital piano with wooden keys. It was the first digital piano that had a real wood soundboard, built-in CD recorders, and incredible action design that resembled the motion of traditional acoustic pianos. Since then, it has been trying to further improve the craftsmanship of the instrument and is truly called the future of digital pianos.

The Kawai digital pianos are among the best sellers and usually, the mentors and teachers recommend this brand. Their pianos exhibit a remarkable combination of state of the art technology and traditional craftsmanship and deliver a wonderful experience.

Digital pianos by Kawai are considered to be a preferable choice for modern musicians. These are usually constructed with good quality plastic and composite materials. These are available in numerous styles and the tone, efficiency level and performance all depend on the material used. These are designed to deliver deep and soft notes of low tension and the tones are flat.

The action design of Kawai digital pianos generates soft tones and features improved clarity. The increased keystroke resistance, quick return and easy to play design makes it more popular and desirable. The attention to detail, precision, and solid construction are some other plus points of these digital pianos.

There are numerous other useful features that make Kawai among the top brands. It offers a vast line of digital pianos. There are different models each with different features that are specifically designed to cater the needs of different levels of musicians. Some are simple offering easy to play functions and improved performance while some are more advanced with a high-class and commendable output.

Kawai Piano

Kawai Grand Pianos
The art of the piano built upon nine decades of experience and tradition.

Kawai Upright Pianos
Acclaimed upright pianos that embody Kawai quality.

Kawai Digital Pianos
Award winning digital instruments suitable for various musical needs.

Kawai Hybrid Pianos
Modern instruments than feature both acoustic and digital components.

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