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Falling Piano How many times in your life have you fallen on a piano? If not once, it's time for you to already learn to evade them, because who knows - everything in life can happen. When a piano falls on you from a huge height, its shadow appears on the ground long before the fall, and therefore, it is not so difficult to evade. True problems begin when these incident tools become more and more. Just run around the scene, moving the man with the mouse so he does not fall under a trekking instrument with tremendous speed. For each piano from which you have successfully dodged, you will be given points. Collect as many points as possible until you get hit. Perhaps these skills will either save you life.

In this game you are an ant and you need to dodge pianos, falling from the sky. Control the insect with your mouse and try to hold on as much time as possible to maximize your score.

Check up the reflexes, uvernites' from a falling upright piano.
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