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My Little Pony Piano Who of the children did not dream of playing the piano as a child? In this game Friendship is a Miracle: Piano Pony, you have such an opportunity. In front of you is an electronic, computer piano My Little Pony. It belongs to a small, fun pony. Play as much as you want. Press the keys in any order, you will hear your own music.
Funny music game for the girl Piano Pony. This is a very colorful and useful entertainment. The design is magical and colorful, which will attract the attention of the child. The graphics are simple, but tolerable for such a game, because here the main sound. Girls madly love ponies from the animated series Friendship is a miracle. The game My Little Pony Piano is suitable for very young children, it is simple and straightforward. It is enough to choose a horse at the bottom of the screen and start playing. All keys are signed and allow you to memorize the sequence to create a melody. Each of the six characters has its own timbre and the melodies are completely different. Spend time playing fun on the virtual piano my little pony online for free.

It is very interesting to play music and sing, especially in friendly company. Cute ponies are ready to sing a funny song for you from music that you will write for them. Twilight Sparkle, Rarity, Rainbow Dash, Fluttershy, Applejack and Pinkie Pie dream to sing and are standing near the stage, while waiting for your invitation. Choose one of the ponies in the top line of the game and write a melody of numbers and letters, that pony should sing for you. When music is written and one of the characters is chosen, click on «Play».
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