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Drop A Beat, Giuseppe! Drop A Beat, Giuseppe! is a free browser game about Giuseppe Fortissimo, "the worst pianist to date," and it has one of the most clever control schemes I've seen in recent memory.

Warning: Don't hit the caps lock key. As an unruly crowd tries to pelt our poor pianist with rotten food, the player must maneuver Giuseppe by mashing buttons. Haphazardly hit buttons on the left side of the keyboard and he'll move left, do the same with the right side and he'll move right. For each key you mash a new note is played, so you're belting out a ridonkulous tune while sticking it to high society.

The goal of the game is to deflect the rubbish thrown at you by hitting space at the right time to parry oncoming trash with the piano lid. It's not particularly deep, but it's an addictive high scores game that recalls Donkey Kong Jungle Beat in its innovative symbiosis between player input and character action.

Beyond that, there's a few really amusing ending sequences for players who think outside the box. Experimenting with the confines of the game is a game unto itself, though I wish there were a few more conclusions as the ones that are there are pretty fantastic.

Help him keep his dignity and seek eternal bliss for his deeply misunderstood talent.
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