Piano Tiles Online

Piano Tiles - The developers of this unique game for the second time cast a daring challenge to players - their musical ear, beat and rhythm, coordination of visual and muscular reaction!

The essence of the game:
You need to manage to press on the black keys that move on the screen from top to bottom;
You can not touch any white key;
The game takes place under the accompaniment of masterpieces of classical music in modern arrangements.

The process of the game:
The playing field is a movable ribbon on the screen, on which are black and white keys;
Your task is to be as thorough as possible and have time to press all the black keys - and not one white! The game has several levels of complexity, thematic design and music tracks;
Black keys appear on the screen not in random order - but in time and rhythm of the melody; Your success in the game and the works that you have played - share with your friends on social networks.

Piano Tiles Game - this is an opportunity to feel yourself to anyone and not in any way indebted, an athlete and at the same time a virtuoso musician!

The game develops:
Fine motor skills;
Sense of rhythm;
Musical taste.
Don't Tap The White Tile Piano !!!

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Date: 2017-03-20 | Views: 13613