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Virtual Grand Piano On this page there is a free online piano that allows you to play on the keyboard of your computer, as well as using the mouse. Each button on the keyboard corresponds to one key on the piano and plays the sound of one musical note. Sounds are audio samples of the highest quality recorded from a real live piano.

The application is made in the form of a virtual synthesizer with a range of 5 octaves (61 keys) and is called "Russian grand piano". In fact, it is a universal musical instrument that combines all key-string piano variations. To play the virtual piano online requires Adobe Flash Player.

The piano simulator is suitable for both entertainment and training of beginning pianists. Due to the flexible settings of the layout, music of any complexity can be performed, from simple compositions, like "Grasshopper sat in grass", to the most complicated etudes of Frederic Chopin. To date, this is the best piano for a computer on the Internet that most closely matches the needs of the music audience.

How to play the virtual piano keyboard online?

To play music on a free virtual grand piano keyboard using the pc keyboard in online mode, special layout schemes are applied, the control buttons of which are in the upper left corner of the application. Layout is an established link between the keyboard button and the music keyboard of the interactive piano. There are two layouts available. By default, the tips on the piano keys disappear when you first press it. You can always enable them by checking the "Show layout" box.

The first scheme, enabled by default, is classical for modern MIDI programs. Its length is two and a half octaves and to go to the next octaves, you need to click on the arrow "Move the layout" or on the arrows of the keyboard. The very order of the keys here resembles a real physical piano. That is, they are located in the usual chessboard order, due to which it is easy to adapt to the electronic grand piano instrument.

The second is the second most popular keyboard layout for virtual pianos. Its distinctive feature is that it covers all five octaves of the piano simulator and does not require switching arrows. However, unlike the first layout, here the keys are located slightly differently, not like a traditional piano. Also, to play on black keys, you need to hold down the SHIFT button.

Under the currently playing piano key, a pink ball is always displayed. It is used as an indicator of active pressing and lights up as long as this note or chord sounds (key combination).

The interface of the virtual grand piano

On the left side of the top panel are the layout control buttons described above. Slightly to the right there is a display on which the piano note, sounding at the moment and its serial number on the piano keyboard is displayed. It should be noted that the names of the notes are displayed on the screen in the traditional format for Russia: Do, Re, Mi, Fa, Sol, La, Si, Do. In the English tradition, the letter designation of musical notes is used, respectively, C, D, E, F, G, A, B. It is not used here. To the right of the note name is indicated the sign of flat or sharp.

Next, after the music display, the virtual piano sound indicator is displayed. It reflects the spectral pattern of the sound that you hear at the moment. And, finally, in the very right part of the panel is the piano keyboard for computer. Dragging it up and down, you can adjust the volume of the piano sound.

Possible problems with the game on the "Russian grand piano"

As a rule, there is no difficulty in using the virtual grand piano online. However, the most common problems are the lack of response of the application to pressing the button of the keyboard and the lack of sound.

If you press the keyboard of the computer and the sound does not sound (even though everything sounds fine with the mouse click), then, most likely, the online piano is not in focus. This is such a feature of the Flash player. Just click anywhere in the application so that the browser understands exactly what you are currently working with. After that the problem must be solved.

If you do not hear the sound from the piano keyboard, then most likely you have speakers disabled or there is some kind of global problem on your personal computer (that is, it is not connected to the piano alone). Try to include some music on your desktop. If the sound works well, but you do not hear the piano's virtual notes, then maybe you have a problem with the Flash player. To test this, try running the virtual grand piano on another computer. Or just update the Flash plugin. Russian grand piano.
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