Virtual piano online for playing on the keyboard

Free piano keyboard is a cool Flash app that simulates a piano keyboard on your desktop. You can play it with your mouse or keyboard controls. By tapping out notes in a numbered sequence, even total beginners can play simple tunes like "Happy Birthday" and "Jingle Bells". Clicking Songs pins open the songs menu just above the keys.

Virtual piano keyboard interface does indeed look like a real piano keyboard, albeit a reduced one, with attractive highlights on the black keys, which are functional. The controls are minimal: Activate Keyboard Control, four Sounds options, and a Songs button that opens a drop-down list containing many tunes you can tap out on the keys when the keyboard controls are activated. Computer keyboard piano can also record your performances, and a red Recording message appears when it's doing so.

Virtual pianos - virtual musical instruments online for playing on the keyboard

Virtual Piano simulator displays the corresponding PC key symbol on the piano keyboard, with letters for white keys and numbers and symbols for black keys. The sound quality is really very good in a virtual interactive piano.

Most musically inclined users will have a better sound card or external speaker system, which will do a better job of reproducing challenging piano tones as well as yield an even more realistic online keyboard piano tone.

Free Online Piano is fun and easy to use. Virtual pianos - virtual musical instruments online for playing on the keyboard. This programme is only really suitable for people who want to practice playing the piano. Piano online for free - musical instruments online.

The best virtual piano online!

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