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Xylophone is a percussion musical instrument with a certain pitch of sound. It is a series of wooden bars of different sizes, tuned to certain notes. By the bars hit with chopsticks with ball-shaped tips or special hammers.

Xylophone - sonorous and melodic percussion musical instrument on which even children can play! Playing the xylophone helps children develop melodic hearing, rhythm, creativity and musical memory. You can use it to learn the basics of music.

Do not rush to buy a xylophone to learn how to play this musical instrument. First, practice in the game on our virtual xylophone online.

Our website virtual musical instruments you can play for free on a virtual xylophone by clicking the mouse or pressing the keys on the keyboard.

Learn to play the virtual xylophone online

To play the best musical instrument on a virtual xylophone online, use the keyboard!
Learn to play the Xylophone with the online virtual Xylophone!
Xylophone Virtual Musical instruments.
Virtual Xylophone music.

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