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Virtual Guitar Classical guitar is the most popular musical instrument. It is played by the most complicated melodies and accompanies in three chords an unpretentious song. It is carefully taken to the stage of the concert hall and taken to the camp to the fire. Classic guitar can be found in many homes, it is fun to play and teenagers and the elderly.
A guitar is a plucked acoustic instrument. Usually, for good sound, no amplifiers or microphones are needed, it's enough of its device: a hollow body with an upper and lower deck and a lateral shell connecting them. In good guitars, the back deck and shells are made of rosewood or mahogany, and the upper deck is made of spruce or cedar. The upper deck has a round opening - an outlet, due to which the sound and resonates in the hollow body.

Classical guitars are also called Spanish. They have six strings, unlike seven-stringed ones - Russian or Gypsy. They play the guitar mainly with their fingers, more rarely with nails.

Popular classical guitars are rightly considered to be among the best for beginning guitarists and amateurs, who will please their master for many years.

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